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Zaitunay Bay: Beirut, Lebanon

Zaitunay Bay, located around Beirut Marina, is owned and managed by Beirut Waterfront Development Company, a 50-50 joint venture between Solidere and Stow Development Company. Access to the project is through the seaside promenade to the north, the planned Rafic Hariri Wahat waterside city park to the east, and the Beirut corniche to the south. A 400-space underground public car park was built by Solidere below the corniche.

An innovative tourist attraction designed by Steven Holl (US) and LEFT (US) with Nabil Gholam et al., the project is conceived as an urban beach. Extending the existing Beirut corniche and the new sea promenade, a series of overlapping platforms, reminiscent of sea waves, provide outdoor spaces and public areas for displaying artwork.

Of the two major project components, the Quayside Restaurant Strip with specialty stores has become the city center’s new destination; the Yacht Club building is nearing completion. The Quayside Restaurant Strip, compriing 17 restaurants and five retail outlets, stretches along Beirut Marina, from the site’s western limit to the Yacht Club building on the east. The one-floor construction remains below street level, with the roofs forming a continuation of the corniche. The landscape design for the entry plaza, quayside and corniche sidewalk, create open-air terraces in the form of a ‘stone beach’ over the restaurants and shops.

The Yacht Club accommodates three basement levels; exclusive commercial shops at marina level; a yacht club and 53 state-of-the-art furnished and serviced apartments on the upper three levels, with one, two and three bedrooms.

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Animal fun fact: Chinchillas can’t get wet. Their fur retains too much water and will start to grow mold. So they bathe by rolling around in dust.

Chinchilla fun fact: Chinchillas have around 20 hairs per follicle; unlike humans who have 2-3 hairs per follicle. Because their fur is so dense, they cannot get fleas or other parasites. The bugs will suffocate in their fur.

Chinchilla fun fact: Petting one of those awesome little guys feels like touching a motherfucking cloud.

Chinchilla fun fact: Their newborn babies are like little pieces of fluffy popcorn. You could easily just toss a handful in your mouth.

Chinchilla fun fact: Don’t toss a handful into your mouth.